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What Are Ad Injections?

Ad injections are unauthorized advertisements that are injected into web pages with the intention to get users to click on them. Users who click the ads are usually redirected to other sites before eventually reaching their target page. Ad injections can come from several sources such as ad networks and browser extensions. Most extensions are available for free because their developer’s intent is to monetize them when a user clicks on ads injected by the extension. Injected ads are frequently smart in that they seek out existing, legitimate ad space on a webpage and replace or overlay the original ad. However, some injected ads simply rearrange the UI of the page and force their way onto the page.

Ad Injections Are a Growing Threat for E-Commerce

Ad injections have been a challenge for website owners since the late 2000s, and even Google has been unable to control their widespread growth. Up to 20% of your website users could be infected by unwanted extensions, ad injections and malware that alter their path to purchase. In recent years, ad injection companies have started ad networks to cash in on unsuspecting users who click on deceptive ads. This can create a vicious cycle with users unknowingly installing more malware and adware that will inject even more ads. And, the injections are growing in sophistication, with triggers that inject ads only on specific websites or only when a user performs a specific operation. User clicks generate big money, so the ad injection problem is unlikely to subside anytime soon.

How Companies Are Fighting Ad Injections

Because ad injections are only seen by the infected visitor, not by the site owner, combating them is difficult. There are some websites that attempt to limit the impact of injected ads using Content Security Policies (CSP). But the effectiveness of this is limited since CSPs are a moving target and require constant updating and monitoring.

PerimeterX Page Defender Lets You Control Ad Injections

PerimeterX Page Defender helps you keep your users on their intended path to purchase and preserves their experience on your website. Even if your website is a content-driven, non e-commerce website, this has great relevance. Sites such as these frequently monetize only on advertising and if a certain percentage of those advertisements are being hijacked and altered, then this directly impacts business outcomes.

PerimeterX Page Defender Lets You Control Ad Injections

Page Defender uses a PerimeterX detector that continuously learns about new browser extensions, malware and ad injections. It updates the PerimeterX sensor that runs on the user’s browser, at the source of the problem, with new intelligence. It therefore - remains constantly up-to-date without your team having to keep pace with the evolving browser extensions and ad injections! The frequent updates and the advanced machine-learning platform assures you best-in-class blocking and management capabilities.

Case Study

With over 2 million monthly visitors, and a 100 percent guarantee, it was critical to protect our customers from malicious and targeted browser-based injections while not impacting page load times or the browsing experience of users.

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